Thursday, November 03, 2005

Brave new Ubuntu world

My Ubuntu adventure continues! Since the last post, I've upgraded to Breezy proper, and was really impressed with how smooth the thing works. I also began preaching about it to my friends (well, just mentioning it at strategic times, in fact :), and got in an argument with zvrba about whether Ubuntu or Gentoo is better and why (yeah, I know, it's silly).

One thing that I've always held agains Debian, and now Ubuntu, is the principle of "if you need something, download it off the 'net". That's cool if you have broadband Internet connection, but here in Croatia most people are still stuck on 56k modems. Imagine downloading kubuntu-desktop over that ;-) So, I started thinking about compiling a list of mostly-used packages and putting it on DVD. The newly-created Croatian LoCo team liked the idea, so a new project was created: Ubuntu Ningi (this is an unofficial project, but we hope that the Ubuntu powers-that-be will like it). Check it out, tell us what you think, and if you have Breezy, upload your list of packages and help!

Oh, and as a side-effect, I've become a de-facto member of Croatian LoCo team, so now I'm in the process of officially registering with them :)


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