Tuesday, May 02, 2006

An end of an era, and a new beginning

Caveat emptor: this is one of those "what I ate today" blog posts...

I've got some big changes in my life recently. Changes I've been totally preocupied with, and now it seems like the transition is gone, and a good moment to reflect back.

In March, I finally finished my university studies at FER and got a degree. The degree is diplomirani inženjer računarstva (diploma engineer in computer science, which is roughly equivalent to western M.Sc degree). The studies have been a long and bumpy ride, with 2 years off to pursue non-academic goals, but overall it was a very positive experience in my life.

I've also made a nice wrap-up of the studies by choosing a somewhat difficult and definitely unique diploma project - my own operating systems (my friends can attest that sometimes I shoot very hight :-) I dig microkernel systems and it's been my long desire to tackle with one, so the diploma thesis project seemed a right time to do it. I doubt I'll be in position to do it in some commercial setup. Anyways, I've setup a small component-based OS on top of L4Ka::Pistachio microkernel, and I'm planning to release the source code (under the MIT/X11 license) when I get the time - in the meantime, interested Croatian readers can take a look at my diploma thesis [pdf, 2MB].

For several months before the graduation, I've nurtured the idea of starting my own business. After weighting all the pros and the cons, I've started the paperwork flow (which here in Croatia there's quite some) to do it. So here I am, a proud owner of Rei, registered for various IT services. I plan to focus on software development for the web and on Linux and other open source platforms, and doing Internet multimedia stuff (streaming), again hopefully on open source.

Today I've finally set up the webpage for the company, which wraps about everything needed for start. I'm already head over heels in stuff to do, and I'm looking forward to the future...:-)


Anonymous Dinko Korunic said...

Congrats :)

10:30 AM  
Anonymous marko said...

oprosti sto ovako upadam, no ne vidim drugog nacina obzirom da ne mogu naci tvoj mejl na sajtu.
javljam se u vezi projekta FLOSSworld www.flossworld.org. multimedijalni institut trazi domace developere koji bi bili voljni odgovoriti na jednu online anketu fezanu uz free/open source soft. ako si zainteresiran javi mi se, jer bih trebao tvoje bazicne podatke (ime, prezime, nick, e-mail) proslijediti mastriskom ekonomskom institutu za inovacije i tehnologiju kako bi ti mogli poslati username i password.
ako imas pitanja slobodno se javi.


ps. cestitam na diplomi i prvim poduzetnickim koracima

12:29 PM  

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