Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Xroach for the new millenium

Remember Xroach? It was a "cute" screen toy with pests rushing around in the screen, hiding under the windows, and you had to click on them to squash them.

Well, here it is, reloaded! The new version features new flashy vector graphics, it's freedesktop standards compliant, and has been released in secrecy, under the code name libnotify-0.3.0/tests/test-xy-stress.

Note that it isn't shown in its full glory, because my Cairo install is somehow screwed; there should be a nice sky-blue gradient there, for your viewing pleasure, while you're squashing the monsters!

Yeah, I'm looking at the fun side of some people'w hard work, but, seriously, it's cool. Go try it out and play with it (not squashing dialogs - i mean download, compile, test, use, report bugs, squash some in the progress if you really want the squashing bit ..)


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