Monday, November 28, 2005

Tell me what you listen to ..

.. and I'll give you more of that!

This is what Pandora project (a child of Music Genome Projects) seems to do. You tell them the name of one song or artist, they search their database and create a radio station that plays that kind of music. You can fine-tune the selection ("I like it" / "I don't like it"), and see why the specific song is playing.

Totally cool!

They do this by having a huge database of songs with a lot of attributes which describe them, and I don't mean just artist / genre info, there's information about the vocals, the rhythm, the sounds, etc, etc ... or so they say. I guess the search is just an attribute matching.

Too bad this isn't more open. Currently they're using Flash. Dear Santa: This year I'd like an open web service provided by Pandora for searching for similar songs.

A long tradition...

In other news, I've recently found out that Ubuntu distribution has a long tradition:

<onkarshinde> reter: Which Ubuntu? 5.04 or 5.10?
<reter> 5.94
That's eleven years! :-)

Update: Of course, only after I blogged this, came the realization that the fraction represents the month, not the year. So, that's Ubuntu from Oct 2012. Hey, a time-traveler! I must ask him a bit about lotterry ;-)


Anonymous chefdelacuisine said...

checkout if you're lookng for a free and open music service, build upon your own taste. once you got it to work, it's quite nice!

10:46 AM  
Blogger Senko Rasic said...

Thanks for the tip. I've just
downloaded the player and am trying
it out, and it does seem nice.

I believed only had a
"listen to what others have listened
together with what you like", but
I see that it also has "listen to
similar music" functionality...

7:58 PM  

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