Friday, June 23, 2006

En route...

... to GUADEC! This is my first time I'm going to such a conference, and I'm all excited to meet all the wonderful people that make the GNOME community, to hack, learn and have a great time.

MDK will be there, giving a lightning talk about Diva (the upcoming 0.0.3 is gonna rock!), and I hope we'll do some hacking together (after mandatory beers :-). The Collabora guys will talk about their our vision to change world into a better place, by improving IM with Telepathy project. I've been involved with Telepathy project for a few months now, and we're doing some great stuff, and the guys involved are great, and I'm really looking forward to meeting them.

These two project I'm primarily interested in, but the list of people coming, and the scheduled talks, hackatons and other events are sure sign I'll be in for some sleep deprivation ;-)

The wonders of modern technology

I'm blogging this from the train. The coupe's got a power outlet so I don't have to drain the laptop battery, and my GPRS card magically works in roaming, and I'm very pleasently surprised. I really expected some shoddy train with barely working air conditioning :)

Some points to consider:

  • GPRS really is a great stuff for mobile net connection
  • Thank God I've got roaming! The place where I'll be staying while at GUADEC has WiFi connection, but I wouldn't last till then :-)
  • My home ADSL connection speed really spoiled me
  • I'm addicted to Internet ;-)


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