Saturday, February 04, 2006

A lil' bit of retro

It's been a while since I've last posted. I've been quite busy lately, finishing my grade school, so I haven't really had time (or the will) to write here. I've had a few ideas for the articles, but I didn't cared enough to sit down and research them, and I didn't want to post just another rant, so that went to /dev/null.

The today's theme isn't rocket science, either. Today I've read this article, exposing a cool xscreensaver hack. That reminded me of countless hours I've spent, first in front of a Commmodore 64 (my first computer), and years later, in front of the DEC and IBM terminals at University Computing Centre (SRCE).

While hanging there (I've met some great friends there, we used to hang around there and socialize even if we didn't use the terms at all), I've written a small game, a clone of Microsofts' Nibbles, for use on the DEC VT. It was one of my first C programs, and I believe the first one using the ncurses library. It shows if you look at the source ;-)

Seeing the terminal emulation hack, I decided I'd run my game under that. With some minor tweaks i got it to run under 40x24 with not-so-good terminal capabilities (cursor droppings and reverse video problems with ncurses). So without further ado:

Senko Software Proudly Presents
An obligatory "intro", showing the year of creation, 1997. This is the oldest program I've kept sources to, and it brings back nostalgia. And here's the in-game shot:

Ah, the good ol' times when men were real men, women were real women, and small ugly text-mode terminals were real small ugly text-mode terminals...

Update: The hacked source, for usage with AppleII xscreensaver hack, can be found here.Compile with: gcc -lncurses -o nibbles nibbles.c.